Collection: Oral History

Archives and Research Centre of the Lutheran Church of Australia
Set of recordings interviewing members of hymn book committee.

Australian War Memorial (Research Centre)
The largest part of the sound collection is the Keith Murdoch Sound Archive. This is a series of oral history interviews of people's experiences of the second world war.The collection is searchable via the Memorial's web page. Listening tapes, transcripts and a comprehensive index is available in the Research Centre.

Edith Cowan University Archives
Large collection of oral history interviews with influential WA personalities, former VC's, professors, and influencial people in WA history.

Gladys Moncrieff Library of the Performing Arts
Recordings of Moncrieff's driver, Wilson Irving.

National Library of Australia
Interviews with prominent Australian composers, performers and musicologists: Mirian Hyde, Martin Wesley-Smith, Shirley Fish, James Glennon, Rex Hobcroft, Eric Langker, William Lovelock, Mary Mageau, Larry Sitsky, Richard Bonynge, John Antill, Keith Humble, Felix Werder, Anne Boyd, Peter Sculthorpe. organisations such as Musica Viva, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; sound recordings of compositions such as Sculthorpe's Sun Music. Another collection is that of recordings made for the Australian Folklife Centre's (National Museum of Australia) research into multicultural music and dance in the Monaro region. Sound recordings housed in the NLA include religious music of Tongan, Korean, Ukrainian choirs, Vietnamese Buddhist chanting, Irish fiddle music. Oral History holds copies of the Music Deli Radio program, and Music in a Multicultural Society; Peter Parkhill's collection includes Italian, Cretan, Macedonian, Laotian and Vietnamese sources. Mark Schuster's field recordings in Queensland and NSW include significant Germanic material. Major folkloric collection is that of John Meredith. He visited descendants of some of the original Germanic migrants. Recorded old German dance tunes, passed through the oral tradition in NSW. Many picked up new Australian names. The Sullivan collection is rich in Aboriginal songs and dance music.

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