Collection: Ephemera

Archives and Research Centre of the Lutheran Church of Australia
A few programs & clippings

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Document Archives (ABC)
Brochures, programs and posters for ABC concerts and music programs.

Australian War Memorial (Research Centre)
The Research Centre contains extensive collections of stamps, military forms and books,postcards, leaflets,souvenirs,Christmas cards,cigarette cards,and concert & parade programmes from the war years.Standard paper-based finding aids for special collection material are located in the Research Centre.

Charles Sturt University Regional Archives
Newspaper cuttings, newsletters, scrap books, programmes, posters and brochures from a number of artistic and music oriented agencies, including the "Cantilena Singers" of Wagga Wagga (RW1595), the "Dixieland" entertainment and dance floor in Wagga Wagga (RW1143), Warren Bros. "Empire" Theatre in Ganmain (RW228), International Trombone Association, Wagga Wagga Branch (RW976, RW1101, RW1499), Riverina Concert Band (RW452, RW1147), Riverina Conservatorium Centre (RW943, RW1134, RW1217, RW1598), Wagga Wagga Choral Society (RW178), Wagga Wagga Eisteddford Society (RW625) and Wagga Wagga School of Arts (RW402, RW672, RW1033).

Geelong Historical Records Centre
collections of prgrammes, souvenirs, handbills, tickets and posters

Gladys Moncrieff Library of the Performing Arts
Misc. programs, scrap books, clippings, music, old 78s, memoribilia, eg. Margery Hollingshead Ballet School 1920s (connected to Pavlova), Borovansky programs from all Brisbane performances. Contains QPAT archives, with all material relating to performances in the complex: programs, press clippings, marketing, posters, flyers, videos. Brisbane Chorale, programs in Brisbane City Hall.

Good Samaritan Archives
School concert programs (1890's on).

History and Natural History Group
Programs of Donald Music Literature and Art Society concerts; Programs of Donald District Schools Musical Festival. Catalogued on cards held in archive boxes.

National Library of Australia
A wide selection of theatre programmes is held covering musicals, opera and recitals spanning the 19th and 20th centuries. These are to be found mainly in the Performing Arts Programs and Ephemera (PROMPT) files in the Australian Ephemera collections. Another collection, for the years 1862-1892, may be found in the JAF Theatre Programmes Drawer 532. Ephemera refers to items produced for a transient purpose and distributed on a specific occasion to a targeted audience or clientele. Ephemera includes concert programs, flyers, souvenirs, certificates, junk mail, catalogues, invitations, subscription brochures, fleers, dodgers, handbills, cast sheets, tickets, press releases, advertising kits, press cuttings, reviews. To qualify as ephemera the item must be printed, and be of no more than five pages, except for thick advertising trade catalogues and theatre programs; Includes the J. C. Williamson file which contains Williamson programs from 1890 onwards.

North Queensland Opera and Theatre Group Inc. and the Company Singers
Programs, posters, press releases Not catalogued

Royal Australian Historical Society
Programme of the opening recital on the grand organ, Centennial Hall, Sydney", 9th August 1890, programme of opening recital by W T Best;

State Library of Victoria
Although known as the Theatre Programme Collection, it also includes brochures, handbills and publicity material as well as programmes. This material covers not only drama performances, but also performances in opera and oratorio; ballet, modern dance and folk dance; musical comedy; variety; vocal and orchestral music; popular music; mime; puppetry; lectures and readings. Most items relate to performances given from approximately 1890 onwards, but there is a considerable number of earlier programmes in the Collection. The Collection is comprehensive in its coverage of performances given in Victoria and especially in Melbourne, whether by Australian or overseas artists. Includes a copy of the programme for the first public performance given by Melba in Melbourne in 1885, sets of programmes for Pavlova's two visits to Australia, programmes relating to performances by famous visiting companies and performers such as Margot Fonteyn, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Joan Sutherland and Company, Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh and the Moscow Chamber Orchestra.

Strehlow Research Centre
Associated with the sound and film material are some Aboriginal men's ceremonial objects used in music-making.

The Cairns and North Queensland Historical Society
Library contains posters and programmes (catalogued); tickets. Material relating to music history in Cairns includes Lyric Operatic Society, Hibernian Hall programmes, Cairns Operatic Dancing School, Versatile Celebritites, Cairns Comedy Company, Cairns Band Festival, Cairns Juvenile Eisteddfod, Cairns Folk Club, Blackface Minstrel Group (Charter's Towers had a huge number of Welsh miners, the first eisteddfod held in 1888). Posters such as Mornington Island Band souvenir programme (1970); Cape York Aboriginal dance festivals. Programmes include: Lyric Operatic Society; Hibernian Hall; Cairns Operatic Dancing School; Dan Folley - Irish tenor; Grand Variety Concert, Hibernian Hall (1948) 'Carry On' revue; Versatile Celebrities; Cairns Comedy Company (1937); Cairns Operatic Society; Cairns Band Festival (1952); programmes of the Cairns Choral Society and Orchestral Society; St John's Church of England programmes.

University Of Western Australia Archives
Assorted donated material including song books, music arrangements, programmes etc.Indexed


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