Collection: Artefacts

Australian Museum
Artefacts are stored in geographical areas. Access to insturments is via area, or card search (ordered numercially)through catalogues. We are entering data onto a database, but at the moment search is largely manual.

Camden Historical Society
A piano believed to be early 19th c.; a small church organ late 19th c.

Golden Dragon Museum
Chinese Peking Opera costumes; traditional Chinese musical instruments such as an erhu, shell horns, flutes, cymbals, drums, gongs, clapsticks

Good Samaritan Archives
reel to reel tapes, metronome.

Grenfell Historical Society Inc.
Gramophones - Edison Cylinder Gramophone; musical saw (1921); Portable organ (1911); Aucher Frere's piano; Crown organ; button and squeeze box accordion and concertinas; harmonicas and zithers; 1938 78rpm record that plays from the centre to the outside (2GB); wax cylinders and 78 rpm records such as Edison record (5mm thick) "Not Yet, Suzette!" a foxtrot by The Merry Sparklers.

History and Natural History Group
Piano,organ, drum (pipe band),trombone, gramophone and 45 records, various song books and hymn books.

Queensland Museum
130 Aboriginal instruments - didgeridoos, clap sticks, bull roarers, rattles, children's instruments. Contemporary instruments from Arakoon. 75 instruments relating to folk traditions, bushband instruments, lagerphone, cowbells, zithers, violins, pianos, pipe organ, bellow organ, portative organ, flutes, bugles, electric organ, amaret claviola, sopranino, polyphone. Also Tibetan Bells, gamelan and shadow puppets.Catalogue: card - printed material, register - specimens.

Scone & Upper Hunter Historical Society
Tuba, bugle, flute, harmonicas, cottage organ.

The Cairns and North Queensland Historical Society
Library holds 3 trumpets, one engraved 'Thibouville Lamy Paris'; 1 digeridoo, 1 cornet, 1 organ, 1 piano, 2 gramophones. The cornet was washed ashore from a wreck in 1937; Eddison Cylinder Gramophone 1913, used in Cairns; an 1870 Roenish piano. There is an altar from a Chinese temple, which used to be in Grafton St, Cairns from 1887 - 1904.

Townsville Museum Inc.
Old tuba from Italy ca. 19th c; wax cylinder dictaphone; old cornet from the Salvation Army; Harmonium from Boston, USA used by the Townsville Masonic Fraternity. Record players, digeridoo and clap sticks.

University of Queensland Anthropology Museum
The Anthropolgy Museum, University of Queensland, holds over 280 musical instrument artefacts. Areas represented include Africa (3), Australia (75), Malaysia (4), Melanesia (167), Sri Lanka (3) and Thailand (8). They include clapsticks (48), didjeridus (24), drums (84), flutes (19), gongs (2), moutharps (21), pan/pipes (12), rattles (33), stringed instruments (4), trumpets (24) and whistles (5).

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