This network aims to provide modes of access to Australia's scattered and often hidden documentary sources, and to build structures that will provide access to, and knowledge about, all our music-related resources.

NFRAM exists to:

  • promote the exploration and mapping of Australian musical culture
  • generate high-level information exchange - not only between researchers but also involving collections (national, regional and those held by individuals), performers, composers and governments
  • coordinate and enhance the research effort
  • encourage contributions to and knowledge of Australian musical culture
  • make visible and maintain the significance of music in the lives of Australians.

Goals and Objectives

  • To increase awareness of existing materials, collections, other resources and research activities as they relate to Australian musical culture.
  • To provide vehicles/pathways for communication and exchange of ideas and information amongst researchers, collectors, music-makers, organisations and consumers.
  • To increase the profile of Australian music and music research.
  • To actively promote and provide mechanisms for contributions by individuals and organisations.
  • To establish a research database.
  • To provide an electronic publication service.

NFRAM has been established to provide a way of addressing two key questions: What can we do collectively to develop research in Australian music that we could not achieve separately? and What research practices and paradigms do the new technologies demand or make possible when applied to music research resources and outcomes?


To create a Special Interest Network for Australian music: a group of sites or participating nodes which collaborate to provide comprehensive information about a particular subject/discipline. Such a networked facility aims to co-ordinate the development of information, including linking people, research activity, ideas, resources around a particular subject area.

This Networked Facility will:

  • provide an organised directory of resources and links to other relevant sites and nodes of activity.
  • provide co-ordinated access to detailed information of relevance to Australian music about the holdings in archives, libraries, museums, private or commercial collections.
  • provide mechanisms for reporting of information and for submissions of data.
  • develop, store and publish relevant scholarly material, especially to provide unique information about Australian music.
  • provide guided assistance in research.
  • generate information exchange and discussion.



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