Electroacoustic artists

Andrew Garton
Andrew Garton is a composer, writer and media artist.

Andrew is founder and principal artist of the electroacoustic and generative sound label, Secession Records.

His recent works include UNSEEN / UNHEARD: collaborative soundworks with Kazayuki Null, Ollie Olsen, Matt Thomas and video artist, John Power; sound design for MOVATAR, a reverse motion capture system being developed by Stelarc and Gary Zebington; LUNG FISH, a commissioned Theremin composition for Electric Eye (Grainger Museum); and, AGE 2 WONDER AT, an album of generative sound-scapes released by Secession.

Through 1997 to 1998 Andrew completed sound works, installations and live radio performances: TOUCHLESS II, International Theremin Orchestra (Kunsthalle, Krems, Minoritenkirche; Ars Electroninca Centre, Linz April 98); SENSORIUM DIAL, 20 antique radios tuned to un-licenced Austrian radio frequencies (RECYCLING THE FUTURE, Vienna 4 7 Dec 97); SENSORIUM CONNECT, 1,000,857 minutes of live generative music via the Internet, commissioned by ABC/THE LISTENING ROOM (Sept 97); the 97 ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL (Linz Sept 97); FUTURE SCAN (May 97), a live performance over the web, commissioned by the Austrian based KUNSTRADIO, for HYBRID WORKSPACE, DOCUMENTA X in Kassel, Germany; and SENSORIUM WIEN (Vienna 28 Mar 97) a live performance and installation at Public Netbase t0.

From 1993 to 1997 he has performed at the LIVID and FUSE PACIFIC FRINGE FESTIVALS in Brisbane; FRINGE and CYBERFRINGE FESTIVALS in Melbourne; PUBLIC NETBASE t/0 in Vienna; DOCUMENTA X in Kassel via the web from Melbourne, and SOUND SUCK, in collaboration with Stelarc, Rainer Linz and Digital Primate in Melbourne.

Andrew performs solo and collaborative works under the names, lost_time_accident, Fierce Throat and Radio Secession.

Densil Cabrera
electro-acoustic sound installations, mainly in art galleries.

Garth Paine
Electroacoustic music composition. Interactive immersive sound environment installations. Sound Spacialisation

Gordon Monro
I am a composer of electro-acoustic music. I have been involved with applying mathematics to create new methods of sound synthesis, and my compositions reflect this. I have composed pieces for tape alone, and for tape and instruments. I have also been involved in some audio-visual works. My pieces have been peformed in Australia and overseas. In 1998 I was granted associate representation with the Australian Music Centre.

Vellocet write electronic music and music software. We have Real Audio and MP3 examples of music, freeware VST audio plug-ins and a few midi and audio utilites.

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